gLOVE Treat Combo - Holiday Special

Note: This One Year Subscription is paid in full and fulfilled each month with a new gLOVE Treat delivery on your doorstep. This subscription cannot be canceled until 12 monthly orders are delivered and fulfilled. 

gLOVE Holiday Special - Delivered once a month at your doorstep for 1-year.

We mixed the best of both worlds.  We have combined the original gLOVE Treat Glove with the gLOVE Treat Boot.  Give yourself a luxury spa skin treatment right in your own home. This combo pack provides 1 gLOVE Treat Glove and 1 gLOVE Treat Boot. Each gLOVE Treat Glove and Boot can be used up to 4 times!  For best results, treat yourself once a week.

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