gLOVE Treat Boot - with Parasilk Paraffin Wax and Coconut Oil Foot Treatment

The same warming and relaxing treatments you have used for your hands is now available in a boot for your feet! Introducing the gLOVE Treat Boot.  The gLOVE Treat Boot delivers all of the same soothing warmth and moisturizing benefits of our exclusive mix of essential oils and paraffin wax.  No more cracked heels.  No more dry flakey skin on your foot.  Relax while the heat eases the pain of achey feet.  Each gLOVE Treat Boot can be used up to 4 times!  For best results, treat yourself once a week. The boots can be ordered in size Medium or Large, see sizing chart below.
Sizing Charts
gLOVE Treat Medium Boot Sizing Chart   gLOVE Treat Large Boot Sizing Chart

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