This Valentine's Day,
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Flowers die. Chocolate disappears. Lingerie comes off. But soft hands and feet have stamina.

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gLOVE Treat® with Parasilk® paraffin therapy gloves are a perfect way to start a romantic evening at home.

glovetreat is safe paraffin wax treatment made in america
glovetreat hands
My hands and feet have never looked and felt better. I am on my feet all day and cut hair for a living. My tired hands and sore feet feel so much better after a gLOVE treatment. - Alyssa P.
glovetreat hands
Love the gLOVE Treat foot treatments! Easy to use & clear instructions. The coconut oil & lavender smells wonderful and left my feet looking & feeling smooth. Very relaxing way to pamper myself at home! - Shannon B.

Use our paraffin therapy gloves and boots to…

Help increase blood flow and relax stiff joints and sore muscles.

Increases circulation which helps flush toxins. Great for post sports recovery (no matter the sport).

Aid in dry cuticles, callused heels and cracked skin, giving hands and feet a more youthful appearance with hydrating and skin softening elements.

glovetreat was has coconuts inside

What makes gLOVE Treats Parasilk so special?

Parasilk incorporates fully refined, medical grade paraffin wax with the health advantages of Coconut Oil known for its medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s) along with essential oils. This trade secret formulation helps soothe stiff joints and aid in relaxation, while our deep moisturizing ingredients give skin a more youthful appearance.

Try our Parasilk Paraffin for a more luxurious, deep moisturizing, paraffin treatment.

Parasilk wax is special treatment wax

gLOVE Treat is Made in the USA

Made with our trade secret Parasilk ingredients, a blend of Medical Grade Paraffin Waxes, Virgin Coconut oil and essential oils.

New Zipper system in gloves and boots allows for an even more convenient multiple use treatment when heating in the microwave.

Soft plush inner liner eliminates mess and keeps warmth in for up to 10 minutes while giving a therapeutic and deep moisturizing treatment.

Our Hook and Loop system closes around your ankle and wrist to keep your warm paraffin enclosed around your hands and feet.

Our Thermo Indicator in a heart shape lets you know when the product is safe to use.

glovetreat is safe paraffin wax treatment made in america

Using Our Parafin Gloves and Boots is Luxurious, Clean and Easy.

Step 1: Heat

Simply place the gLOVE Treat® glove or boot into a microwave for 2 minutes until the patented thermochromatic indicator turns bright red.

Step 2: Treat

Wait until the heart shaped patch returns to a gray color and insert your hand or foot. Then sit back and relax for 10 minutes as gLOVE Treat's exclusive mixture of essential oils and Parasilk® paraffin wax ease the pain from your joints and moisturizes dry and cracked skin.

Step 3: Repeat

Each gLOVE Treat® glove or boot can be used up to 4 times! For best results, treat yourself once a week for dry, chapped and sore hands and feet.

All Luxury Parafin Experience, No Mess!

Treat yourself and your loved one(s) this Valentine’s Season to paraffin treatment luxury.