Three Uses for Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the most popular and widely used of the essential oils. The use of lavender dates back to ancient times when its help was sought-after for many ailments.  It is widely touted and believed that the essence of lavender has many healthful properties, from soothing and calming one’s spirit to providing relief for dry and cracked feet and hands. Let’s look at some of the uses for lavender oil in daily life.


Why are antioxidants important?  Antioxidants are molecules that can help prevent free radicals in the body.  What are free radicals?  Free radicals (chemical, pollutants, toxins) are unpaired electrons which can cause damage to a body’s organs. They are wild, free, and on the loose in your body UNLESS you fight them with the use of antioxidants. Your body needs help from your diet and other outside sources in this battle. 

uses for lavender oil gLOVE Treat Lavender, along with Vitamins E and C, is a wonderful natural fighter on your body’s behalf against free radicals. Benefits of lavender oil can also be seen when using a diffuser on a daily basis to help promote overall good health and well-being.

Benefits to Skin

Lavender, especially when mixed with coconut oil, has been shown to have a profound effect on skin. Lavender oil can help speed the healing process of cuts, scrapes, or burns (including sunburn) due to its antimicrobial properties. It has a long history of being used to help combat infections and fungal disorders. Bringing together both lavender and coconut oils can strengthen this success.

Combating Depression

Lavender is also used as a treatment aid for depression, anxiety, migraines, and stress.  The inhalation of lavender has soothing and calming properties that can also help with insomnia and promote the ability to sleep better. It can affect your mood in a positive way by supporting good brain function.

Lavender oil can be incorporated into a variety of treatments. The gLOVE Treat method of adding essential lavender oil into their innovative paraffin wax treatment for both hands and feet ensures a well-blended and balanced experience.

Why Paraffin?

paraffin wax gLOVE Treat

It does not matter whether winter, spring, summer, or fall, dry hands and feet are always a possibility. For dry skin ranging from regular use to medical conditions like eczema, relying solely on lotion or oils for care just simply won’t cut it.

A combination of factors working in concert is needed to truly relieve troubled dry skin areas both right away and in the long run. While expensive lotions might be what people first think of, the best remedies include using the soothing power of heated paraffin wax.

When your hands or feet are submerged and coated in perfectly heated paraffin wax, blood circulation to the skin’s surface increases greatly while pores are opened and more accepting of lotion. This is the two-fold process that makes gLOVE Treat such an effective method for treating both the symptoms and causes of dry skin while also relieving aches and pains in your joints.

Dynamic Moisturizing Process

Simply applying lotion to dry skin has little effect since pores in that area are damaged and unresponsive to treatment. gLOVE Teat’s heated paraffin wax works to heal and open these pores so that the product’s coconut oil penetrates much more gently and deeper than with regular application. The heated paraffin also works to keep moisture trapped in your underlying skin layers, thus creating a fully moisturized spectrum of skin that feels soft instantly.

The second benefit of gLOVE Treat’s heated paraffin is the increased circulation to your skin. While the coconut oil’s antioxidant nature treats the symptoms of dry skin, improved circulation means the causes of dry skin are addressed, leaving you moisturized far better and for longer than other treatment options.

Going to the spa is great, but it is a treat instead of regular practice. With gLOVE Treat you can get spa quality treatment at home whenever you want.

The Secret to Keeping your Feet Soft This Summer

Summer is definitely “bare feet” time, whether you are playing around the pool or just running wild in the grass, enjoying all the season has to offer. Some of us just aren’t crazy about wearing shoes at all, period, but that can leave our heels feeling rough and calloused. How can you solve that problem? By using a gLOVE Treat plan once per week to ensure you are keeping your heels soft this summer.

Hard-Working Heels 

Our feet, and especially our heels, are subject to a lot of wear and tear. After all, they have to carry the rest of our body on their “proverbial shoulders,” so we need to remember to treat them well and do nice things for them, too, as well as the rest of the body. In all seasons, from the dry heat in summer to the cold air in winter, our heels can really take some punishment.  How can you help rejuvenate your dry, cracked heels?  One way to ensure you are keeping your heels soft this summer is to use the new gLOVE paraffin wax and coconut oil treatment that is available for use at home. 

Cracked Heels

Dry, rough, and cracked heels can be not only a source of embarrassment when out in public, but they can be painful as well. The longer you let dry, cracked heels go, the more effort it will take to repair them. Since heels are a valuable assist to us and work to serve us well in daily life, it’s a no-brainer that we need to take care of them and give a little love back. cracked heel treatment gLOVE Treat paraffin wax

Safe and Effective Treatment for Heels

The gLOVE Treat foot treatments takes the age-old wisdom of using paraffin wax to soften skin and combines it the coconut oil, along with other essential oils, and innovates a new, and much simpler, way to soothe and repair rough, sore, tired heels. Paraffin wax is one of those wonderful multi-faceted tools that can be employed in a multitude of ways to help in daily life, from helping preserve jams and jellies to lubricating anything from zippers to snow shovels, to softening a body’s extremities (i.e., hands and feet).

Solutions exist for dry, rough, and cracked heels. Your feet and heels take care of you; now it’s time for you to give back to them with a gLOVE Treat.  One product purchase can offer your sore heels a month of love.

Why gLOVE Treat Means Relief for Dry Hands and Feet

dry skin treatment gLOVE TreatYour hands and feet act as contact points between you and the rest of the world. They are some the most sophisticated sensors and transmit tons of knowledge from each step you take to everything you touch. So, with so much of your life depending upon your hands and feet, why should you have to live with their skin being dry?

Dry skin is one of the most annoying ailments that people face on a regular basis. Not only does it affect your ability to feel, it can be downright painful! Cracked skin can even make you steer clear of normal activities like walking or working with your hands. What’s more is that people think repeatedly applying lotion to their skin is the only option, yet this is expensive and quite annoying. The truth is that not only does lotion fail to moisturize your skin effectively, but it also ignores treating the common causes of dry skin altogether.

In order to revitalize even the most serious of dry skin problems on your hands and feet, you need to take a proactive approach that will leave your skin feeling soft far longer than any lotion or oil can provide. gLOVE Treat is a system of dry skin treatment as well as prevention that uses a unique mix of heated paraffin wax and coconut oil to heal and revitalize your skin.

The combination of heat and moisturizing effects work together to increase blood flow to the problem areas and keep moisture trapped within your lower layers of skin, effectively treating this common ailment with collaborative solutions. You’ll notice that your skin is better moisturized and stays that way with gLOVE Treat. Dry skin is awful, but it does not have to be a constant. Take care of yourself and your skin with this proven pathway to younger, softer looking skin.

gLOVE Treat Product Testimonial

Jen in Chicago, was looking for a great way to moisturize her dry hands after a long, cold Midwest winter.  Hands and skin dry out quickly in the cold, leaving our hands screaming for some TLC. After a quick google search of what she could use at home instead of going to the spa, she found gLOVE Treat on the 2016 O List for Wellness

When her product arrived Jen popped the gloves in the microwave to melt the wax. The easy to read indicator let her know that it was to hot to place her hands inside so she waited until the heart turned black letting her know it was safe for her use.  After getting both gloves on it was time for her to sit back, relax and let the paraffin wax, coconut and other oils get to work. 

Jen was surprised that upon removal most of the now white hardened wax stayed in the gloves and just a bit slipped out with her hand. The easy to follow directions said to rub the oils still on your hands in giving yourself a quick hand massage.

Jen raved about the wonderful smell gLOVE Treat has and said her hands felt so great after the paraffin treatment. She liked gLOVE Treat so much she thought of all the other people in her life that might also enjoy a hand treatment as well and thought she'd order one for her sister and mom. Visit and experience the paraffin wax benefits for yourself today.

Watch the video review and/or read the transcript below:



Jen:  I'm Jen from Chicago. I'm here to do a product review on gLOVE Treat. It's been a long Chicago winter and my hands could really use some TLC. I don't really want to go to the salon. I don't have enough time for that. I did a little Google search and I found my good friend Oprah, who I do not really know, recommended this product. It's on her favorites' list, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Let's take a look, I got it just the other day and it's called gLOVE Treat. I really like the box. I like the gLOVE logo with the love. I think that's really cute. The back has the handy directions, and there are some safety tips that it came with.

Let's open it up. This is the box again. Here are the directions, there's only five. Here's the look at my hands, and I'll go ahead and open this. "Tips for a Perfect Treatment." These are the gloves and there's some clips for the next time. I'm just going to put the first one in the microwave. When I have them on, we'll take another hook.

I had microwaved it for a minute‑and‑a‑half. I have a little red circle, so I'm actually going to wait until it says "Red, too hot." We're going to wait until that turns grey again. It actually says on the "Tips for a Perfect Treatment," that it should be milky and soft. We'll just give that a couple of seconds. Well, we're micro waving the other glove at the same time anyway.

This one looks like it's ready. I'm going to go ahead and cut this one too and try it on. That was really easy. Let's see if I can do the other one. Wrong way.

My gLOVE Treat is on and I'm going to go sit down for about 15 minutes and let them relax. I only had a little trouble getting on the second one with the Velcro. I had no trouble getting it on but I did have a little trouble getting the Velcro strapped. Other than that these feel wonderful. Time to relax.

It's been seven‑and‑a‑half minutes so far and I can definitely feel that they're getting a lot hotter, but they're still not entirely hardened. I must say this is extremely relaxing. I am definitely enjoying this.

All right. It's been 15 minutes and I'm going to take off my gloves. Oh, wow. I actually thought that the white would come off and it totally did not. Just a little bit but not much. Just going to put that in again. It said, to just massage into your hands. This is nice. It smells so good. Can you smell that? [laughs] I wish you could. It's lavender and coconut oil. I love it, so nice.

I rubbed them all out. I just think that my hands look really nice. They're super soft and they smell wonderful. Overall, I was really pleased with the gLOVE Treats. I am looking forward to using them again next Tuesday. It was a perfect use of 15 minutes of my day.

I can use it three more times. It's a total of four‑time use. Just says to clip it and that's it. I'll do it to the other one and I'll put it away for next week. I think, this is a great gift for myself. I think, I'm going to get it for my sister and my mom because Mother Day is coming up. Thanks a lot.

gLOVE treat named Decadent Steal by FABlife

The FABLife crew discovered how great gLOVE Treat is and recently featured it's FABulousness on a "Decadent Steals under $50" segment.  The ladies of FABlife agree that paraffin wax treatments are a splurge at salons, but gLOVE Treat's paraffin treatment that can be used four times at-home is revolutionizing this hand & foot treatment.  Simply microwave the gloves to warm the wax, when the heart shaped indicator turns black it's safe to put your hands in the wax, coconut and essential oil mixture then it's time to sit back and relax for 15 minutes. When time is up remove the gloves, rub in the oils and enjoy the rich moisturized feeling for days.

Since gLOVE Treat is affordable at only $36 and remember you get 4 treatments from each pair of gloves or foot treatments, at $9 a treatment we agree with the FABlife it’s a decadent steal.  We say order a pair today from to treat yourself. No muss. No Fuss.



gLOVE Treat featured on FABLife Daytime Television, January 2016

Chrissy Teigen:  It's all about guilt free decadence today on "FABLife," so we have some easy ways to add the glamour into your life we all know you deserve. These are decadent steals under $50.

Lauren Makk: Bring that cheddar, baby.

Chrissy: Lauren, what do you have for us?

Lauren: I'm so excited about this, because a lot of people think that interior design elements are very expensive. I'm excited to dispel this myth, so today, for you, I have these amazing personal pictures from Instagram that I sent online, by FrameBridge.

They framed them in over 25 different frames, several different matte options that you can do ‑‑ but that's not all, you guys. I have a two‑for‑one today, because I'm also going to show you this divine color wallpaper that is $29 a roll, and it is removable and reusable. How fantastic is that?

Lauren: I'm telling you, when I have clients that have rental properties, this is the way to go, guys. If you want something that's amazing, but still temporary, this is amazing. $39 for the frames, and $29 for the wallpaper.

Chrissy: That's awesome.

Joe Zee:  Wow, that's amazing. Reusable, too.

Lauren: Reusable!

Joe: I can take it with me when I move.

Chrissy: You guys know when you get a manicure, and they have these paraffin wax treatments?

Lauren: Yes.

Chrissy: But they can be really, really expensive. These are really cool. These are gloves. They're paraffin wax gloves, and they're by gLOVE Treatment. They're $36, you can get them online, but what's awesome about this is they're four uses out of this one glove.

You just throw these in the microwave for one to two minutes, heats up, stick your hand in there. This is a little velcro, so you just want to velcro it around your wrist so it gets all of the juices going. Sit with them for 15 minutes, and then rub them all over your hands. Then your hands are fabulous and moisturized, and you can do it four different times. What's 36 divided by four?

Lauren: I don't know.

Chrissy: What's that noise?

Chrissy: You know what that sound means, right? It's time for a FABLife freebie! Everyone in the audience is going home with their very own pair of gLOVE Treat gloves!

Brandy: Can I take these right here?

Chrissy: These are yours.

Joe: You can have those, Brandy.

Brandy: I'm part of the audience, too.

Chrissy: That's so awesome. Do we get those, too? I want some of those...

Leah Ashley: I don't know, Chrissy. I don't know.

Chrissy: Mine is actually way under the $50 maximum that we usually have. Mine is usually at $50.

Joe: $49.99.

Chrissy: I have a good one. Mine is six bucks, it's called Life Ice. It's actually some guilt‑free snacking, which I love. Obviously, I love to indulge in crazy, heavy things, but sometimes I just want the flavor of maybe chocolate, or some berries.

These are really great, because you take them. You take these little trays, and then you pop on the freezer, and they last up to a year or so. This flavor is mixed berry. You guys want to give them a try? Then we have a chocolate crunch one.

You freeze them up, and they just pop them out, and you snack on them. They come fully flavored, ready to go. It's such a nice little bite to have.

Lauren: That'd be good in a drink.

Leah: I was thinking the same thing.

Chrissy: You can put them in cocktails I love. One tray is actually 30 calories, six grams of sugar.

Joe: That's a blast. It's fun for kids, too.

Chrissy: It's fun for kids, fun for adults. It lasts a year in your freezer, although it would not last a year in my house, because it is delicious. There you go, some Life Ice.

Joe: I love it. Oh my god, that's so much fun.

Joe: Of course, I am obsessed with this month, because this month we are in the middle of heavy awards seasons. I love award seasons because you get to see amazing dresses on the red carpet, right?

Earlier this month we had the Golden globes, and I actually had the opportunity to be on the red carpet, and I interviewed these amazing actresses. One of my favorites, Leslie Mann, who's so funny. She was coming up to me, and the first thing I noticed was her necklace. Her necklace was so beautiful, and so pretty, but it was so unique, because every individual stone was completely different.

It wasn't a diamond necklace, it wasn't a ruby necklace. It was just individual stones, almost feeling vintage, in a way, and all linked together. Of course, the best thing is, she wore it backwards, which is the new trend of necklaces right now.

Brandy: Oh, that's beautiful.

Joe: Isn't that pretty?

Lauren: Leslie?

Joe: The new trend right now is to sort of wear the necklace and let it hang in the back, so it can accentuate the different aspect of your dress. What I love is this necklace, that you can actually have a little bit of red carpet glamour with something that you're wearing.

You may be wearing a simple black dress, maybe even a T‑shirt. You can just put this on, and have the inspiration of what Leslie's necklace was like. Of course, you can take a second necklace, hook it to the back, and actually mimic that look. Amazing, right?

Leah: Clever, Joe.

Lauren: Yeah.

Chrissy: Very red carpet.

Lauren: That actually goes with my outfit.

Joe: I may sell this. This is $38 at Sparklepop, which I love.

Of course, the other actress I had a chance to interview on the red carpet was Kate Winslet. Now, I've been a huge fan of hers because "Titanic" is actually one of my favorite movies of all time. Yours, too?

Lauren: Yes.

Joe: In the meantime, I was looking in her diamond earrings, thinking, "They're so beautiful, and they're so elegant, and so exquisite."

Chrissy: And expensive.

Lauren: That's right.

Chrissy: No, we got the same ones.

Joe: The bodyguard and insurance papers, yeah. Completely untouchable.

But the whole thing is, diamond earrings like that are great for the red carpet, but you can also find great substitutes that I love, actually, as an everyday accent. When you're wearing jeans and a T‑shirt, and maybe a blazer or something, and you throw this on, it immediately changes your look in a second.

I love these. These are actually also by Sparklepop, $30.

Chrissy: That's awesome.

Lauren: Nice.

Joe: You can actually have a bit of Kate Winslet glam in your everyday life.


Joe: Oh my gosh, I guess they did not play that sound by mistake. Clearly, you guys all love to hear that sound. Guess what? Everyone in our audience is getting their own FABLife freebie right now.

Joe: You're going to all have some red carpet glamour in your life, because you're all going home with a $40 gift card to!

Chrissy: I'm stealing them

Joe: And Brandy's stealing this.

Chrissy: Yeah, we got it for everybody.

Brandy: Please, darling.

Lauren: You have everything. You have the [inaudible 5:55], the necklace.

Brandy: I cleaned up. From the FABLife.

Chrissy: Check out these decadent, guilt‑free products, and where to get them, on our website,

June 29, 2016

What Are the Benefits of Coconut Oil for the Hands and Feet?

uses for coconut oil gLOVE TreatDry skin can feel like a problem you cannot escape from. Whatever time of year, it seems like an ailment that continues to return. Dry skin has caused many to search for the most effective lotions and treatments, a quest often accompanied with high price tags and annoying caveats like environmental hazards or undesirable scents. In this universe of skin care products, the best is actually the easiest: coconut oil.

5 Skin Care Advantages of Coconut Oil

  1. Coconut oil is a natural emollient and has been used for centuries to soften skin both as a treatment and preventative measure.
  2. It helps foster healthy connective tissue within the skin, meaning it prevents wrinkling and sagging while also healing the symptoms of aging.
  3. Coconut oil contains antioxidants that are protective against free radicals, which are often the cause of damaged skin and wrinkles.
  4. It supports the creation of existence of new skin cells. By curing existing skin and creating new skin, your hands will stay soft much longer than with other products.
  5. Coconut oil is high in vitamins A and E, which both promote firm and supple skin because of their roll in the producing collagen.


Coconut oil is one of the best natural cures for skin because it tackles existing symptoms and prevents future damage. In order to get the full effect of coconut oil in treating dry and damaged skin, it is best to apply it at a time when the skin’s pores are open and accepting of treatment. 

gLOVE Treat accomplishes this by pairing coconut oil with the soothing nature of warm paraffin wax. While the wax opens up your pores and increases blood flow to the skin, coconut oil is able to reach all layers of skin and remain there, allowing your skin to be fully revived.

gLOVE Treat–Paraffin International Looking Towards the Future

Have you ever had a paraffin wax treatment in a salon or spa? It is most commonly known as a luxury spa treatment, but it's estimated that 70% of the millions of paraffin treatments done per year, are actually medical treatments. For many years paraffin wax therapies have been used on patients with arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia and stiff joints.

gLOVE Treat's revolutionary application system is changing the industry. gLOVE Treat puts an end to hours of waiting to heat wax pots, ends communal use pots which spread germs and ends the sloppy, drippy mess that also comes with the old way of administering a paraffin treatment.

gLOVE Treat treatments contain a combination of paraffin wax, coconut oil and other essential oils that can help soothe sore hands & feet. Visit us online at to order a paraffin treatment and experience the benefits yourself.

Watch the video and/or read the transcript below:



Kevin Weber:  What do you think of when you see this? You probably think of the cosmetic paraffin treatment in your salon and spa that's messy and unsanitary. You're probably thinking, "Really? Are we going to talk about paraffin wax treatments today?"

Did you know it actually has its most common applications in the medical industry for bursitis, psoriasis, stiff joints, fibromyalgia, and multiple forms of arthritis? Would you think the same way if I told you that there are an estimated 200 to 300 million wax treatments performed in the US every year, with 70 percent of those treatments used for medical conditions?

What would you say if I told you there's been little to no innovation in the paraffin wax treatment industry for over 50 years?

Hi, I'm Kevin Weber, CEO of Paraffin International, the creator of gLOVE Treat. gLOVE Treat is a revolutionary paraffin wax treatment that eliminates the three biggest pain points for the industry.

Medical officers have to heat wax for hours in the little baths like this one to get the wax to the right consistency for treatment. Because of the lower temperature to keep the treatment comfortable for the patients, these communal baths are right to spread diseases and infections.

Let's face it, these things are messy. That's why we created gLOVE Treat to capitalize on the market opportunity while simultaneously changing the way customers experience paraffin wax treatments.

After two minutes in the microwave, our patented heartshaped thermochromatic indicator tells you when gLOVE Treat is ready to use. No more hours of heating wax. No more messy clean up. No more worries about spreading diseases and infections.

Our product is radically different than anything on the market. Our customers are telling us we got it right.

We're currently in revenue and have repeat customers and orders coming in from our direct sales. We're adding distributors in the medical, spa, and salon markets with our first deal signed in October, 2015.

Paraffin International is positioned for rapid growth. Our goal is to reshore production from China, hire key executive members, and execute our marketing plans to hit our aggressive revenue targets. All of this will create jobs in Arizona.

We believe we've found a unique opportunity with a largely ignored market. We have an expert team that has a history of executing.

Thank you for helping us take this to this.

How to Create Your Own Spa Day At Home

One of the most alluring aspects of visiting a spa is the comfortable and soothing atmosphere it provides, yet another place exists that is unmatched in that restful feeling. This place, unsurprisingly, is your own home, complete with snacks, couches, television, and a reduced price tag.

While it would be amazing to have a home spa with steaming mud baths, professional masseurs, aromatic saunas, and so more, but sadly this just isn’t feasible. There are ways, however, to get spa-like treatment within your own home without that full service spa.

With gLOVE Treat you can easily pamHome spa paraffin wax treatment gLOVE Treatper your hands and feet to top quality treatment with no help, all in the comfort of your home. This reusable paraffin wax treatment allows you to help your dry and cracked hands or feet immediately without having to book an appointment or pay for all the other amenities of a spa. When you need convenient yet luxurious relief from dry skin, gLOVE Treat is right there for you.

The soothingly aromatic paraffin wax, coconut oil, and lavender treatment can help relieve arthritic pain and revitalize skin in ways that regular lotion just cannot. The warm wax relaxes your skin and opens your pores so that the coconut oil’s antioxidant capabilities work at peak efficiency. gLOVE Treat can be used by anyone from the most severely dry skin to skin that just needs a bit of love and affection.

It obviously would not be realistic to install your own complete spa at home, nor would it work to go to the spa any time you need intense dry skin relief. gLOVE Treat is an answer to both of these problems with its comforting and casual process combined with extraordinary results.

How gLOVE Treat Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands and Feet Works

Flip flop and strappy sandal time is here again so it's time to get your summer skin out. Visit to order a set today and say goodbye to those dry, calloused heels and hands.

gLOVE Treat was created out of a desire to find a better, easier paraffin wax application treatment for hands and feet. This luxurious at-home skin treatment is made from all natural ingredients including coconut and essential oils. The healing benefits from paraffin wax and coconut oil combine in these one size fits all hygienic gloves and boots. Say goodbye to dry skin on your hands and feet is only 90 seconds away in the microwave is all it takes. After 15 minutes, simply rub in the remaining oils and you will feel the effects for several days. Each gLOVE Treat treatment is can be used four times. We recommend using the treatments once a week for the best results.

Watch the video and/or read the transcript below:



Deanna Montrose:  Hi, I'm Deanna Montrose. I'm the creator and founder of gLOVE Treat. gLOVE Treat is a revolutionary and enhanced paraffin wax treatment for your hands and feet.

The idea behind gLOVE Treat came from the frustration that I had of the paraffin hand and foot treatment in my salon industry. Basically, what it came down to is this pot pouring hot wax into baker's bags and putting your hands into it. There had to be a better way.

The benefits to gLOVE Treat are that it's quick and easy to use. We have one size fits all, and we use all natural ingredients. It's hygienic and safe, no mess, no fuss. Each pair can be used up to four times.

Just take it out of the box and put them in the microwave for 90 seconds. It's been in for 90 seconds, and it's almost perfect. You can notice that the one corner of the heart is turning red. That's the indicator telling you that it's a little bit too hot.

Wait for the red to go away, and it's perfectly safe to put your hands in. Just slide the paraffin gloves off your hands, and massage any excess oil through your hands and up through your arms.

I'm excited to offer you gLOVE Treat because I think it's a great way for you to treat yourself once a week, to treat your dry hands, to treat yourself after a long workday, to pamper yourself.

I offer you gLOVE Treat. Treat yourself once a week.