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We Empower You With Our One-Size-Fits-All, Hygienic & Safe Paraffin Wax and Coconut Oil Treatment. Let Us Help Restore, Replenish and Soothe Your Dry, Tired and Sore Hands & Feet.


gLOVE Treat–Paraffin International Looking Towards the Future

June 21, 2016

Have you ever had a paraffin wax treatment in a salon or spa? It is most commonly known as a luxury spa treatment, but it's estimated that 70% of the millions of paraffin treatments done per year, are actually medical treatments. For many years paraffin wax therapies have been used on patients with arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia and stiff joints. gLOVE Treat's revolutionary application system is changing the industry. gLOVE Treat puts an end to hours of waiting to heat wax pots, ends communal use pots which spread germs and ends the sloppy, drippy mess that also comes with the old way of administering a paraffin treatment. gLOVE Treat treatments contain a combination of paraffin wax, coconut oil and other essential...

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How to Create Your Own Spa Day At Home

June 16, 2016

One of the most alluring aspects of visiting a spa is the comfortable and soothing atmosphere it provides, yet another place exists that is unmatched in that restful feeling. This place, unsurprisingly, is your own home, complete with snacks, couches, television, and a reduced price tag. While it would be amazing to have a home spa with steaming mud baths, professional masseurs, aromatic saunas, and so more, but sadly this just isn’t feasible. There are ways, however, to get spa-like treatment within your own home without that full service spa. With gLOVE Treat you can easily pamper your hands and feet to top quality treatment with no help, all in the comfort of your home. This reusable paraffin wax treatment...

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